About Us

Our Origin Story and Mission

During their decades in banking, the founders of Viva First identified several cultural, behavioral and trust barriers that prevented Latinos from enjoying the financial services that were readily available and utilized by most Americans.  This is why VIVA First created a revolutionary mobile banking platform designed to put Latinos first.  It was built from the ground up to integrate top-of-the-line banking features with the respect and cultural celebration the 62 million Latinos in the U.S. deserve.

A recent Bankrate survey found that among races, Hispanics reported paying the highest average in total banking fees - three times higher than their white counterparts (1). Hidden fees, language limitations, and a general feeling of being unwelcome have alienated the Latino community from the conveniences of mainstream banking and driven many to rely on high-cost alternative financial services (2). The 2020 Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Economics and Decision-making  (SHED) report found that 9% of Hispanic adults were unbanked and 21% were underbanked (3).  The 2020 SHED also found that Hispanic adults were more likely to not have a bank account than were adults overall (4). Furthermore, this report found that Black and Hispanic adults were disproportionately affected in experiencing a problem when using banking services, including unexpected fees, delays, and problems with customer service (4).

We are committed to earning and keeping your trust with no hidden fees, easy-to-navigate features, and friendly customer service. Come experience a bank with culture. Our culture. Latino First. Bank Second. It’s who we are!

Want to get started? Download the mobile app and open your account in less than 5 minutes. Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for the latest details. We can’t wait to serve you!

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